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When will my purchase arrive?

Outside of the Christmas and New Year period, Gift Cards are normally dispatched within 3-4 business days to Australia Post.

If in one purchase, you have different types of cards they will arrive in seperate envelopes. We send all gift cards directly to the customer on your behalf. You have a choice of sending the card to yourself or directly to the person you wish to gift. The order form will request this. 


International customers

Universal Visa Gift cards can be used overseas at 20 million locations however if you want to send a gift card to someone overseas then you will need to send the card to yourself. Once you receive the gift card you will then need to send the gift card to your friend overseas.

GiftCardStore™ can accept orders from customers outside Australia, however the delivery address must be within Australia.

Visa and eftpos cards are good for friends or family in Australia. If you want to send a friend a card overseas then you can select any cards that has Visa stated on it. 

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