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Universal Visa Gift Card Jelly Beans

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Universal Visa Gift Card Jelly Beans

Why people prefer Universal Visa Gift Cards?

  • Its more powerful & memorable than cash
  • Has a great trophy value: every time it is used, the recipient is reminded that you gave them this gift!
  • The perfect gift or reward: it gives your friends, family, loved one and colleagues the opportunity to choose their own perfect gift.

Universal Prepaid Visa Gift Cards are accepted everywhere Visa prepaid is accepted. The Universal Prepaid Visa Gift Card can be used at over 25 million stores worldwide plus the Internet. Universal Visa gift cards are single use prepaid debit cards.

Universal Gift Card

The Universal Prepaid Card is twice as popular as cash and single-store gift cards; and four times as popular as merchandise.

  • Flexible: use the card at any store that accepts VISA or EFTPOS – unlike a store card or voucher which is limited to purchases at that store. “Even a department store doesn’t have all I want. And the nearest David Myer store is 45 minutes away.”
  • Ultimate choice: buy whatever, from whomever, whenever
  • Convenient: use the card immediately – no need to cash a cheque
  • Special: keep gifts, rewards and incentives separate from general household funds
  • No unwanted gifts
  • Secure: Universal prepaid cards are more secure than cash or store cards or paper vouchers. Lost / stolen VISA cards can be replaced
  • Sense of pride: recipients will show off their card to others
  • Easy: to check card balance or transactions – either online or by phone
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