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Universal VISA Gift Card

The Universal Prepaid Card is twice as popular as cash and single-store gift cards; and four times as popular as merchandise.

  • Flexible: use the card at any store that accepts VISA or EFTPOS – unlike a store card or voucher which is limited to purchases at that store. “Even a department store doesn’t have all I want. And the nearest David Myer store is 45 minutes away.”
  • Ultimate choice: buy whatever, from whomever, whenever
  • Convenient: use the card immediately – no need to cash a cheque
  • Special: keep gifts, rewards and incentives separate from general household funds
  • No unwanted gifts
  • Secure: Universal prepaid cards are more secure than cash or store cards or paper vouchers. Lost / stolen VISA cards can be replaced
  • Sense of pride: recipients will show off their card to others
  • Easy: to check card balance or transactions – either online or by phone


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